mHealth Plug-a-Thon Announced

Venice, April 4-5, 2017 in conjunction with IHE Connectathon

The mHealth Plug-a-Thon is an opportunity for the Health Apps community to innovate in connecting their Apps with the APIs of health IT product solutions in a standardised way. Participating will be health IT Companies, App Developers and regional/national promoters of mobile health activities/projects.

The mHealth Plug-a-Thon is intended to facilitate the interaction between App Developers, IT Managers and health information platforms vendors in order to identify needs and expectation on mHealth applications.

The goals of the mHealth Plug-a-Thon are:

  • Promote mobile profiles defined by IHE and largely based on HL7 FHIR®;
  • Presentation of European experiences in using IHE Profiles to integrate mobile devices;
  • Catalyse the interaction between mobile app developers and potential customers (IT managers, Users, etc.);
  • Facilitate integration testing between mobile devices / middleware integrators / RESTful services that support IHE mobile API’s;
  • Collect feedbacks from users / vendors in order to identify new trends /needs;

The event is structured in a set of testing sessions along with educational activities:

  • The educational activities will help participants fill the gap between the vision of IT managers /  Vendors HIE and the needs of App Developers (Which data is available? Which processes can be analysed / managed?, etc.)
  • The testing sessions will provide App Developers and IT Vendors the opportunity to test their applications with the testing environment of real platforms (such as Veneto Region HIE) and the support of IHE Profiles based on HL7 FHIR®.

The complete agenda of the event is presented below:

mHealth Plug-a-Thon-4 April, 2017
9.00-9.30 General Introduction to mHealth Plug-a-Thon Torcello Room
9.30-10.30 mHealth in IHE: existing profiles for interoperability – relationship to HL7 FHIR® Torcello Room
10.30-11.30 New approach to deliver healthcare services: “Sanità KM 0” and HIE system in Veneto Region Torcello Room
11:30-12:30 Testing Session mHealth Plug-a-Thon
13.30-18.00 Testing Session mHealth Plug-a-Thon
mHealth Plug-a-Thon- 5 April, 2017

Testing Session

mHealth Plug-a-Thon

Demo of the top 4 “Best Connected Apps”

15.00-15.45 Call for Ideas: requests from the market to decision’s makers and data-owners   Torcello Room
15.45-17.30 IT Manager perspectives on mobile devices: between need and desire

Torcello Room





















Secure your spot in the mHealth Plug-a-Thon today!

Participation for Apps developers is encouraged with a very low fee (250 euros) including lunch. Current IHE-Europe Connectathon participants can join the mHealth Plug-a-Thon at no cost. Additional details below.

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Participation Fees:

  • free participation of CAT registered organisations (1 dedicated badge per company)
  • 250 euros per non CAT registered organisation (up to 2 dedicated badges)
  • 100 euros for each extra participant (1 additional badge) from the same organisation registered above.


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Mauro Zanardini, mHealth Plug-a-Thon Coordinator