Leisure Time

Leisure time activities in Venice

Venice is simply one of the most romantic and evocative cities in the world. Its history, particular architecture and atmosphere are renowned, as the good wine and food. Walking through the 121 islands connected by 435 bridges, you may discover the treasures of the ancient “Serenissima Republic”: a city full of life, shops, amazing views and colours, nice people that live among the silent water of the lagoon.


Do you want to do something special in your spare time?


If you want to visit Venice, its museums and other places of interest you can create your personalised “Venezia Unica” card, choosing the facilities you like most. Maybe take a look at “Our best deals”:

If you are under the age of 29, you can choose to move freely in the city with a rolling discount card:

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If you don’t like to visit something in particular, you can just take a walk around without any destination: the spirit of Venice is going to surprise you anyway!